Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Why walking out of the Big Brother house is a bad move

So, Mark now joins a list of just 14 people (out of 144 contestants who have been in the Big Brother house) who either walked, escaped over the wall in Sandy's case like some baboon escaping from a zoo, or have been expelled from the Big Brother house (errr, guilty).

I was surprised to see Mark walk as the dullard lovesick Aden or the mixed-up womaniser Aaron would have been prime candidates to walk from the house as they have reasons to want to leave.

Mark could have easily 'walked it' to the final of Big Brother (excuse the intended pun) and although his behaviour was erratic, verging on odd he did not have a bad bone in his body. He was like the court jester of the Big Brother kingdom so it will be even less entertaining now. I suspect he was simply bored.

I thought originally he was a plant and him walking out just endorses that feeling in my mind. But I guess he thought it was time to go. I feel that after watching the tapes back he might live to regret it when he realises he was in with a chance of winning.

What do you think about Mark walking?



  1. I was gutted he walked. From when he walked in I thought he is. Male Jade Goody. "the bath is shaped like n egg, an egg"
    Didn't seem to be a ounce of malice in him and whether he was just for effect or not he did seem to bring something vital to the show.

    Think he will be sorely missed.

    PS, what's with the one day shopping tasks? I miss the three day ones :-(

  2. A real shame, for me he was the only genuine character in there. His humour was my humour and will be a big miss.

  3. His failing was his simple honesty. It must be hard to have that disposition and to be surrounded by those who would use you for their own ends. This CH5 version of 'Scripted Reality' is desperately dishonest: Production team, FB and Twitter Official Spamming Teams, and to a degree the housemates too.
    Those with an interest in such things may like to know that CH5 working with FB managed to remove 40+ profiles today of people whose only crimes were to not accept the CH5 version of events as sacrosanct, and to ask for a return to CH4 values along with Live Feed.
    Mark was nice and there is no real place in there for nice people. Sensible move Mark. Enjoy the real world and the rest of your life.