Friday 6 January 2012

Casting Giggs is so wrong on many levels

Friday morning and it is 8.36 am and they are all sound asleep. If I was Big Brother, I would wake them up. They are after all being paid made much more than the national average wage for three weeks work, so entertain us.

Are these people celebrities? Well I recognised four, as I have met them, Nicola (Savvy) Andrew (must be slightly gay) and Denise (MILF) Natalie (Good fun) The others I would not visually know who they are. Again 5 have the budget, they did pay Pamela over $2.5m, so why not get some people everyone has heard of?

As usual everyone knew who was going in before the show was aired, and as the coverage was fifteen minutes behind the real show, it was being leaked from the studio.

Brian Dowling did a competent job dressed as a chauffeur disguised as a killer, but he still cannot interview to save his life.
The house looks great, and the first secret task fell slightly flat, as the questions were too easy and the ease that Natalie worked it.

There is a fine line between a good line up and great one, the Americans rarely perform well in Big Brother , and those twins ( I do not rate them as great beauties) will bore us to death, unless they spend the whole show in their swim wear.

There is also a fine line of great tasks and pointless ones, in Ultimate Big Brother every tasks was boring, and we were bored.

Casting Giggs is so wrong on many levels, not only that, what is it telling the younger viewers? That being unfaithful pays? Clever casting would had Imogen Thomas in the house, as well.

She should be lying low, (Giggs woman) and not prostituting herself on reality TV and if she wants to do it, it should be the redemption channel and not on Big Brother

Big Brother needs to be mean, we need proper tasks and no pampering, turn the heat up, and let the game begin.

Day One

To Win Natalie
To go first Giggs (sadly by default the Madsen, might just walk)