Tuesday 6 June 2017

C5 damaging the Big Brother Brand.

Big Brother first appeared on our screens seventeen years ago this week.
Very simple format, 10 strangers, no outside contact, no visits, no plying with booze, just ten normal strangers put in a house and asked to get on with it. The format was successful for the first three series, and then series by series it became more contrived, with contestants become more tawdry, and it became pedestrian and rather predictable and it did not have too.

We all know and understand that Big Brother and every reality show is edited, but actually if you get the right people in there in the first place, you do not need such a severe edit, you do not tricks, or booze to manipulate the housemates.

In the Celeb version, I do not want to see some footballers girlfriend, or some hooker, or some American actor from the 80's, if you are going to use ex contestants, stop using the same ones all the time, ask the public who they want to see and act on it and maybe you might see better ratings.

The normal version, how about not casting contestants with an IQ below 105, (this might be difficult) or contestants that promise to "shake it up" because they never do.

The show can work, let's go back to the beginning when it did work, let us have real people, a simple house, intelligent tasks, and no outside interference and no booze and then we might have a show

I think Channel 5 are doing their best to flush their Golden Goose down to the toilet, I think they are doing immense damage to the brand.