Thursday 12 July 2012

Half Term Report

It is always quite difficult to criticise a TV show you have been on without sounding resentful, spiteful or having an axe to grind.

believe (allegedly) that last year's winner is to bring out a book which explains, in his view, the poor way in which contestants are treated by a production company and or a TV channel. I would agree this can happen, but everyone who has been on Big Brother was given the 'talk of doom' beforehand and were made aware of the pros and the cons of doing the show. If they decided to then do the show and sign the forms then they have to take the rough with the smooth.

I understand having spoken with cast members from other countries that they are looked after better than here in the UK - well, if that is true then go and do the show in Germany then. It is as ridiculous as winning the lottery and blaming Camelot for any misfortune that becomes of winning that lucky ticket.

To this years show: by and large I think it is good. It is quite well cast (apart from having models, which I think defeats the very point of the show) as contestants mainly appear quite normal and appeal to a cross-section of the viewing public.

I do feel there is no clear winner at this stage. Had Luke A kept his mouth shut about his secret he would sail through to the final days. Getting to the final can be very easy as it is purely about being 'grey' and in this house there are five shades of grey and then there are the rest - those people tend to reach the last two weeks and then are exposed by the cameras to be dull.

I think there is a danger of the show becoming less Big Brother and more Butlins. The tasks are designed to pass, rather than fail, and I think they have lacked imagination or they have been ripped from other shows.  The 'not laughing' task was so easy - they could have pumped laughing gas into the house and they still would have passed.
The contestants are allowed too many treats and they are allowed to bring far too many personal items into the house. The shower doors should not be frosted out and having such a big area, including a pool, means housemates can really switch off for a few hours and escape the harshness of the show - which is a huge pyschological advantage.

Punishments are pathetic. Taking away the table football is not a punishment, nor is turning off the hot water in summer a punishment. Wake them up very early, take away their booze and turn off the heaters to the pool. Do something to make them suffer.

Bring back the talking parrot! I really do think people who have been on the show and experienced it should be on the task teams as they truly understand what would work.

The 'voice of Big Brother' Marcus Bentley has been brilliant as ever, but sometimes his script is so childish and obvious (almost like the product placement on the show ) it takes away what a good job he does. Brian does a good job as presenter too.

The off shoot show BBBOTS has been funny this year, especially the Monday to Friday helpings. Jamie and Emma are brilliant together but I would suggest getting rid of the 'bedtime story' and replace it with more chat with the guests. I do not like the new psychologist on the show as he has all the charm and charisma of a wounded badger. Get rid of him. Bring back Jo Hemmings...

I understand the reasons for not having the live feed but I just believe you should give the public what they want.

Big Brother is becoming a commercial success with all the competitions and product placements and text voting etc, but it runs the danger of becoming fake and the viewers are not stupid.

Having said that the line up for Celebrity Big Brother shows great promise...