Friday 28 October 2011

Tonights Cynical Eviction

It seems absurd there is an eviction tonight, especially when one of the original possible evictees walked out of the house in a cowardly fashion - Jem has now left four housemates up for tonight's eviction (Aaron, Faye, Jay, Harry) and three of them do not deserve it as it is only as a result of her actions.

In contrast, in the latest mind-bogglingly-dumb betting task BB helped Alex at the last moment by cajoling her to eat on one more chocolate - so she passed and the house completed and won another pointless task. This then rewarded them with yet more booze.

I would have expected them to use the same logic on Jem explaining to her that there are only two days to go and that she should stay. I thought she was awful, selfish, did not live up to her promises, and ruined her sisters week. The house is better off without her and she would have gone anyway, but that is not the point.

I do believe the evictions should have been cancelled this week and along with the diehard BB fans I think this is more a cynical manipulation to try and bring in revenue at the cost of integrity of the show.

Somebody is going tonight that should not. Sadly that person is going to be Harry. Well done Jem!

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Monday 24 October 2011

Who goes? Big Brother decides! Sorry BB but we the public actually decide - stupid!

Yet another voting twist, another uproar. Last week Anton, despite a huge manipulation to keep him in the house, social media won the day and Anton was out and the fans quite rightly saw through BB's plan.

Although to give it some merit, this was a clever idea, but at this stage of the competition it is clearly the wrong idea. True BB fans hate nominations being messed around. There, I said it.

Firstly the Palmer family (Faye/Gem’s relatives) have ganged up on Aaron. By putting Gem’s sister, who they knew she always argued with, in the house and getting Gem’s boyfriend and their mother to vote is biased in the extreme.

Unless the Palmer family and the rest of the country are watching a different programme I do not think Aaron has behaved that badly - yes, he is complex and a little odd at times but he did not deserve that many votes.

Jem on the other hand I think is just awful, she has destroyed her sister’s enjoyment of Big Brother and offers nothing to the viewers. She has nothing constructive to say, she is not interesting and should have carried out her threat to leave. She survived last week only because Anton was hated - and looking at the coverage this week she might survive again as BB clearly wants Aaron out. Alex is still the clear winner in my view as I feel Channel 5 owner Richard Desmond clearly wants to turn her into another money-making Jade Goody (hopefully without the tragedy this time around). The public seems to love no one better than a not-that-bright-but-sweet girl.

Just remember, it is you who decides so do vote for your favourite – if you care that much…

Tuesday 18 October 2011

The Great Reality Swindle - Anton

Until last night's reveal of a twist, released on the Big Brother Twitter account and BBITS and due to be shown on tonight's show, I could have told you who would NOT win and that was Anton, Jem and Louise. In essence the twist saves Jay and Anton...

Now, after Aden's exit, when even the housemates were surprised Anton stayed it is clear that Big Brother wants him and Jay in the final and what better way in protecting them by pulling this stunt (watch the show tonight to see what they do).

Jay though is already a losing finalist - did you spot him last night over on Sky with Katie Price's reality show, Signed By Katie where he reached the final 12. I watched and it seems to have taken a little bit of every reality show that has ever been on television and put it into the mix. But Katie is a smart cookie and I have nothing but admiration for her strong business sense and work ethic. Lets watch and see what happens to Jay.

I was beginning to think as as Big Brother past winners have included a gay man, a Scot, a Welsh girl and a mix of not bright and very dull contestants plus Pete that we might finally have someone who went to public school winning the show ie Harry - but this has been dashed. I still think despite the twist/stunt Alex might win.

Is Aaron becoming a little weird or is it a game he is playing? Tom and Alex are floating just below the radar, enough for them to be effectively edited out the show, and that is not a bad thing as the final is quite close. Jem who initially promised great things has gone into hibernation.

The proof is in the pudding and lets see how bright Anton is with the twist. But he has got one thing against him - the public do not like him. But then again when Jade was up for the most one-sided eviction ever, she survived. So stranger things can happen especially on 'reality' TV which we all know by now has nothing to do with 'reality'.

Do comment on this blog and let me know your thoughts about when producers alter voting patterns.


Tuesday 11 October 2011

Anton the Snake

Unless Jay puts the contents of his morning visit to the loo, allegedly, in the fridge again and this time the edit actually shows it then Anton will be the first male to be evicted from the house. It is sad because at first his alter ego in the diary room was mildly amusing, (like Harry ordering all those banana's) but as Anton has failed to deliver in front of his housemates he is a coward first and snake second. He is going to get a huge shock to his over-inflated ego when he is booed to buggery on Friday night!

Although Jem (Faye's sister) might make good television she is equally unlikeable, if for not for ruining her sisters enjoyment in the house. However the house is a better place for her as it would have been duller than BB4 if she was not there

Once ex-housemate Rebekah entered the house for a date with Tom in last night's show I had to go and lie down in darkened room and scream. Her agent has probably and correctly diagnosed that the only hope for her t make any money (apart from appearing on various late night Sky channels) is to try and make her relationship with Aden work. The poor boy, he will in time look back and kick himself at his youthful naivety.

As for the relationship between Jay and Louise, at least Louise had the foresight to end this. Now let us see if Jem moves in on Jay. They deserve each other.

Do let me know your thoughts.


Monday 10 October 2011

out with old, in with the new

It was obvious Maisy was history, even before she was officially up for eviction. Being an ex housemate you get a good feel for what is really going on. I did not like her, she tried too hard and will be in the future one those of the ex contestants, who give the few a bad name, by turning up to the opening of a door.

I was not surprised a new contestant has entered the house, albeit someone 's sister, we might have for the first time someone who actually delivers on their promise to go in and cause trouble. But this will lead ultimately to their demise. I do not think a new person should enter after a month, they have far too much knowledge, and it usually puts them in an advantageous position.

I liked Jay at first, but there is something not quite right and I cannot put my finger on it yet. Do not get me started on Aden or Anton, one is a wimp and one a snake. I am surprised Harry is still there, him and Aaron are so diversely different from the other housemates, and that is why they get on.

I am more than sure that Alex will now win BB, she is going through a PLKE (positive low key edit) which means they are slowly building her up. So far my predictions have been correct, anyone disagree?

Wednesday 5 October 2011

Why walking out of the Big Brother house is a bad move

So, Mark now joins a list of just 14 people (out of 144 contestants who have been in the Big Brother house) who either walked, escaped over the wall in Sandy's case like some baboon escaping from a zoo, or have been expelled from the Big Brother house (errr, guilty).

I was surprised to see Mark walk as the dullard lovesick Aden or the mixed-up womaniser Aaron would have been prime candidates to walk from the house as they have reasons to want to leave.

Mark could have easily 'walked it' to the final of Big Brother (excuse the intended pun) and although his behaviour was erratic, verging on odd he did not have a bad bone in his body. He was like the court jester of the Big Brother kingdom so it will be even less entertaining now. I suspect he was simply bored.

I thought originally he was a plant and him walking out just endorses that feeling in my mind. But I guess he thought it was time to go. I feel that after watching the tapes back he might live to regret it when he realises he was in with a chance of winning.

What do you think about Mark walking?


Saturday 1 October 2011

BB, The Batchelor, X Factor,

There was only a 1/2 percent in it between Aden and Heaven in the voting to evict last Friday. But Heaven lost and was the third person to leave the Big Brother house. I think she should have stayed as she offers more as a housemate than Aden. But paradoxically she is also the reason why BB has lost viewers. She is totally nicely mad and her exit interview endorsed that.

Heaven perhaps would have been more suited to The Bachelor, a cretinous 'dating' programme with rugby star/Charlotte Church's ex Gavin Henson that is so watchable it should be everyone's guilty secret. But rather Like Big Brother there is huge manipulation in the production of it. Perhaps, the winner of Big Brother should win a date with Gavin Henson...
However the UK version, compare to the original US one, of The Bachelor is sycophantic to a huge extreme. I doubt very much Gavin likes any of the girls enough to marry them. A few of the contestants, just like in Big Brother are so-called models, actors and singer songwriters etc etc. For Gavin Henson, it is a paid kissing fest and for male viewers they watch on with pure jealousy.

The X Factor is not cruel - well it was by flying some contestants out on Easyjet, what a horrible fate. Louis' choices in the older category were baffling and wrong and I am sure he will be the first to lose an act.

Back to Big Brother, two girls are up for eviction this week (Faye and Maisy) and I think the ultra wannabee Maisy will be out. She comes over as so desperate to be famous. At this rate it will be an all boys final by default.

I like Aaron, but he is a bit weird. Jay allegedly putting his pooh in the freezer was awful and as he is a favoured contestant it was edited out - but that is Big Brother as we all know. Without live feed it is all about the edit...

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