Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Great Reality Swindle - Anton

Until last night's reveal of a twist, released on the Big Brother Twitter account and BBITS and due to be shown on tonight's show, I could have told you who would NOT win and that was Anton, Jem and Louise. In essence the twist saves Jay and Anton...

Now, after Aden's exit, when even the housemates were surprised Anton stayed it is clear that Big Brother wants him and Jay in the final and what better way in protecting them by pulling this stunt (watch the show tonight to see what they do).

Jay though is already a losing finalist - did you spot him last night over on Sky with Katie Price's reality show, Signed By Katie where he reached the final 12. I watched and it seems to have taken a little bit of every reality show that has ever been on television and put it into the mix. But Katie is a smart cookie and I have nothing but admiration for her strong business sense and work ethic. Lets watch and see what happens to Jay.

I was beginning to think as as Big Brother past winners have included a gay man, a Scot, a Welsh girl and a mix of not bright and very dull contestants plus Pete that we might finally have someone who went to public school winning the show ie Harry - but this has been dashed. I still think despite the twist/stunt Alex might win.

Is Aaron becoming a little weird or is it a game he is playing? Tom and Alex are floating just below the radar, enough for them to be effectively edited out the show, and that is not a bad thing as the final is quite close. Jem who initially promised great things has gone into hibernation.

The proof is in the pudding and lets see how bright Anton is with the twist. But he has got one thing against him - the public do not like him. But then again when Jade was up for the most one-sided eviction ever, she survived. So stranger things can happen especially on 'reality' TV which we all know by now has nothing to do with 'reality'.

Do comment on this blog and let me know your thoughts about when producers alter voting patterns.


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