Monday, 24 October 2011

Who goes? Big Brother decides! Sorry BB but we the public actually decide - stupid!

Yet another voting twist, another uproar. Last week Anton, despite a huge manipulation to keep him in the house, social media won the day and Anton was out and the fans quite rightly saw through BB's plan.

Although to give it some merit, this was a clever idea, but at this stage of the competition it is clearly the wrong idea. True BB fans hate nominations being messed around. There, I said it.

Firstly the Palmer family (Faye/Gem’s relatives) have ganged up on Aaron. By putting Gem’s sister, who they knew she always argued with, in the house and getting Gem’s boyfriend and their mother to vote is biased in the extreme.

Unless the Palmer family and the rest of the country are watching a different programme I do not think Aaron has behaved that badly - yes, he is complex and a little odd at times but he did not deserve that many votes.

Jem on the other hand I think is just awful, she has destroyed her sister’s enjoyment of Big Brother and offers nothing to the viewers. She has nothing constructive to say, she is not interesting and should have carried out her threat to leave. She survived last week only because Anton was hated - and looking at the coverage this week she might survive again as BB clearly wants Aaron out. Alex is still the clear winner in my view as I feel Channel 5 owner Richard Desmond clearly wants to turn her into another money-making Jade Goody (hopefully without the tragedy this time around). The public seems to love no one better than a not-that-bright-but-sweet girl.

Just remember, it is you who decides so do vote for your favourite – if you care that much…


  1. The more I have watched of this BB the more I am believing that this series is actually all a complete set up and none of it is real. How could any mother vote against the person who is making their child happy? Jem and Faye arguing all the time? ALL THE TIME! Did Jem really beat Anton in the votes? They must have known this nominations 'twist' was coming and how great would it look to have Jem's mum voting for Aaron because of the way he's treated her. Plus the lines were only open for less than 24hrs anyway.
    Nope, in my opinion - BB has lost its glory days and its one soap opera now - TOWIE but in the BB house.

  2. You are so spot on!
    the Palmers family are a disgrace and Jem is the worst of them all,bitter nasty woman who is jealous of her little sister.
    I also cannot see what Aaron has done wrong,ok sulking sometimes but is that a reason to hate?
    for me he is the most entertaining hm this year or do we like burping,farting hm's more in this country?

  3. Hoorah, she has walked.

    Also rather suspiciously, it seems a BB producer has worked with Jemma before on Gladiators.

    Tin foil hat anyone? ;)

    So now Aaron, Harry, Faye & Jay are facing eviction this Friday. And somehow non entities like Tom & Louise are still sailing through.

  4. Completely spot on - Aaron is playing a bit of a game but it is a gameshow after all. He has not treated Faye badly but Jem has and I've never been so glad to see someone go!

  5. Nick, I couldn't add anything better! I agree 100%! I don't see where Aaron has done anything to be seen as mistreating Faye. contrary, it seems Faye is alway's grilling him on certain subjects. He's been a fantastic HM. and I really do like Faye because of him. I think they make a great couple.. they're both smart asses. and I think Faye can handle herself. where did these moms see the mis-treatment? I for one can't find it. hell, they and Tom were having the time of their life in the bedroom tossing one another about. Oh well.. get a grip BB. Stop manipulating the Noms and lets get this game back to its roots.
    Love British TV..and BB in particular (much better than BBUSA)
    <3 Mifferss

  6. Hey - Loved you on the show, and now love your tweets/blogs. You blend a refreshing cynicism about the production with respect for the people involved, with a bit of tasty snark. Plus your blog background looks like a Hopper painting.

    Faye's family seriously need to get their own lives. Alex is a very nice MarySue, but Harry or Aaron deserve this win, imo, posh or not.

    Wish you could have been on US BB; you eat them for brunch. Cheers~

  7. Two things Nick,
    A picture which reflects some of the concerns expressed above is here:

    And, more importantly, I wonder if you would be kind enough to link out to this petition?

    Keep up the good work.