Monday, 10 October 2011

out with old, in with the new

It was obvious Maisy was history, even before she was officially up for eviction. Being an ex housemate you get a good feel for what is really going on. I did not like her, she tried too hard and will be in the future one those of the ex contestants, who give the few a bad name, by turning up to the opening of a door.

I was not surprised a new contestant has entered the house, albeit someone 's sister, we might have for the first time someone who actually delivers on their promise to go in and cause trouble. But this will lead ultimately to their demise. I do not think a new person should enter after a month, they have far too much knowledge, and it usually puts them in an advantageous position.

I liked Jay at first, but there is something not quite right and I cannot put my finger on it yet. Do not get me started on Aden or Anton, one is a wimp and one a snake. I am surprised Harry is still there, him and Aaron are so diversely different from the other housemates, and that is why they get on.

I am more than sure that Alex will now win BB, she is going through a PLKE (positive low key edit) which means they are slowly building her up. So far my predictions have been correct, anyone disagree?


  1. I agree that Alex should win this. I'm putting some more money on her.

  2. Maisy did seem to party a bit too hard in the house, which seemingly is unbecoming of a female

    Jay is coming across as a bit of a coward when it really matters. He's done a few things now, and when questioned not admitted up to it or downright lied. Ketchupgate and telling Faye he didn't nominate her only to be exposed yesterday.

    Also it seems we have another ex housemate (Maisy) confirming that Jay on twitter that he did infact crap in the freezer. Which C5 have decided to keep quiet.