Saturday, 1 October 2011

BB, The Batchelor, X Factor,

There was only a 1/2 percent in it between Aden and Heaven in the voting to evict last Friday. But Heaven lost and was the third person to leave the Big Brother house. I think she should have stayed as she offers more as a housemate than Aden. But paradoxically she is also the reason why BB has lost viewers. She is totally nicely mad and her exit interview endorsed that.

Heaven perhaps would have been more suited to The Bachelor, a cretinous 'dating' programme with rugby star/Charlotte Church's ex Gavin Henson that is so watchable it should be everyone's guilty secret. But rather Like Big Brother there is huge manipulation in the production of it. Perhaps, the winner of Big Brother should win a date with Gavin Henson...
However the UK version, compare to the original US one, of The Bachelor is sycophantic to a huge extreme. I doubt very much Gavin likes any of the girls enough to marry them. A few of the contestants, just like in Big Brother are so-called models, actors and singer songwriters etc etc. For Gavin Henson, it is a paid kissing fest and for male viewers they watch on with pure jealousy.

The X Factor is not cruel - well it was by flying some contestants out on Easyjet, what a horrible fate. Louis' choices in the older category were baffling and wrong and I am sure he will be the first to lose an act.

Back to Big Brother, two girls are up for eviction this week (Faye and Maisy) and I think the ultra wannabee Maisy will be out. She comes over as so desperate to be famous. At this rate it will be an all boys final by default.

I like Aaron, but he is a bit weird. Jay allegedly putting his pooh in the freezer was awful and as he is a favoured contestant it was edited out - but that is Big Brother as we all know. Without live feed it is all about the edit...

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  1. Do you think that Live Feed would keep them honest Nick, or perhaps make them less deceitful?

    The editing is absolutely disgraceful and viewer numbers fall week on week. They need to man up, give us Live Feed and we will do our best to make the show an honest success. And if some contestants cannot tell a toilet from a freezer we will vote them out. As it is, in three more evictions it could be all males left. Now that would be something. No viewers though.