Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Aden must have had a charisma bypass in his sleep

Rebekah was booted from the show last week, and quite rightly so. Her only chance of any limelight now is in the darkened booths of some strip joint. Even if you failed your GCSE in the school-of-the-bleeding-obvious there is little chance of any real romance between Aden or her.

Rebekah may be good at acting but her face was a picture when she went to visit Aden's mother (with a film crew for BBBITS), and then saw his single bed, teddy bar on said bed and condoms in his bottom drawer - her face betrayed her instantly as just hanging out for the OK! magazine cash cow. My suggestion: do photoshoots with Nuts and Zoo magazines and get your kit off, do a few paid personal appearances and leave Aden alone - because you might just wreck his life.

Now I am not sure if Aaron is asexual, bisexual, straight, gay or just confused! Or perhaps all.
Although he is a game player, he has even out-gamed himself by a series of schoolboy errors with Faye, Tom and Maisy - never good to play around with the emotions of one housemate let alone three...

Aaron will of course survive this week, be up next week again, survive and so on. Which means, as I explained in my last blog, the weak (Louise, Harry) get carried into another few free weeks of staying in the house - unless there is a double eviction three people are bound to be up for eviction each time.

I would save Heaven this week - yes she believes in giants, yes she is nicely mad rather than criminally insane, but she has character. Aden on the other hand must have had a charisma bypass in his sleep, and offers the viewers nothing apart from a hurt dog look. Get rid of him. Aden to go this week.

Rather like a hedgehog who has been kicked by a school boy, Alex is coming out of her ball of insecurity, and I now think she might make the final. It is early doors however - perhaps it will be Alex, Mark, Jay and Maisy in the final.

In other news:

When I left the Big Brother house in August 2000 my phone was hacked. Phone hacking has clearly been around for years. In my view the Dowler family recently were probably were given too much compensation. On the other hand and with the inevitability of another huge cash cow coming over the horizon Jade Goody's mum is now pursuing the NOTW for cash as she claims Jade's phone was hacked too. Enough said.

Three days before Ultimate Big Brother began in summer 2010 I tripped on a paving slab in a public place (therefore the pavement was council owned) and caused myself serious shoulder and ankle injuries that had they been spotted by the Big Brother medics I wouldn't have been allowed on the show.

On both issues I could have sued (the newspaper for hacking and the council for the faulty slab) but I have chosen not to. We are moving sadly into the arena of where there is blame there is a claim.

I also have never complained about my edit on the first Big Brother, as I believe that once you sign that form then you have to expect the good and the bad that comes with that decision.
I do however think that producers of Ultimate Big Brother were wrong not to show mine and Vic's Big Brother's Little Brothers Cousin show on the main programme.
You can see our YouTube videos here.


  1. Agree, Aden has a bout as much charisma as a dairylea cheese slice, and hopefully will be evicted Friday.

    I'd be surprised if Maisy makes the finale, she's gone up in my estimation in the past few days, dealing with the gossiping. But she is getting quite a lot of nominations, 4 last week, so she needs to be lucky not to find herself up against solely males.

    As for the compensation for the Dowlers, probably is excessive but given what Gordon Taylor is supposed to have received, seems not too excessive.

    It seems that C5 have stopped uploading the video clips to youtube. No idea why, no reason given.

  2. The compensation paid to the Dowlers is absolutely irrelevant. What was done to them by the NOTW (not only hacking Milly's phone but deleting her voice mail messages to make room for more recordings for the reporters to listen to is beyond excuse.) The money paid to celebrities (including Gordon Taylor) to keep the lid on it and ensure they don't sue is a disgrace. Celebrities are fair game.
    Anyway - that is nothing to do with me but for a million they can tap my voice mails anytime.
    Despite your good case for keeping her in she is gone to one of the most brilliant exits ever. SHE FELL OVER trended last night on Twitter.
    Good stuff.
    3 girls on the trot have got the boot. Despite the tinkering with the voting carried out by C5 it looks like the normal voters (young and female) have got more votes than they had for the same price before so it looks like it will be a parade of females to the exit ramp (unless BB can contrive to get an all male list). And what will occur when only those devoid of charisma but in possession of a meat and two veg are left. What a shocking thought, 7 blokes looking like freshly shaved chimpanzees sitting around talking about their conquests and wanking. That should drive away the remaining viewers.