Friday, 9 September 2011

Goodbye CBB

Welcome to my new blog. I am Nick Bateman. I was in the 1st UK Big Brother in 2000 and in Ultimate Big Brother last year. Here are my views on reality TV.

I think the last three weeks of Celebrity Big Brother were sexier, brighter and better than ever before with new broadcaster Channel 5. The ratings were perhaps not as successful as they would have liked, but paradoxically they were still a success in the grand scheme of things.

I feel that the show was fun, it had an absence of malice, apart from the male model Bobby and the controversy of 'sweatgate', but it was all a little bit too nice. The show needed more tasks, and less take away meals, treats, and booze. Also there was too much contact with the outside world, which is strange as the whole concept of the show is no contact, except with Big Brother.

Paddy the traveller deserved to win in the 'nice' stakes but twins Jedward should have won on entertainment value alone. I am surprised who won, as were the bookies. It seems the public go for who they like rather than who was the best housemate.

Nice and reformed as she is if Kerry had won I would have cried fix!

The housemates did OK and little damage was done to their careers. The real winner will be Channel 5 who have bought the franchise from Channel 4 at the same time as product placement on TV gets the green light - how clever is that. Owner Richard Desmond is one bright cookie.

You can just imagine.

Camera slowly pans over blatantly placed products in the kitchen...
Contestant 1: "Whats for lunch?"
Contestant 2: "How about some Heinz Baked Beans, with Lidl's own brand bacon?"
"This is Big Brother, can someone clean the camera glasses with Johnson's Wax, for a better shine!"

Somewhere at Channel 5, a constant ringing of a cash till is heard....


  1. I stopped watching BB a few seasons ago because I thought the people that were being let in the house were all just a bit too whacky! I will be watching with interest to see what type of people channel 5 will be allowing in, I do hope there is a good mix of ordinary folk with just a few whacky folk in the mix, we will see!

  2. glad u are doing a blog. i think the public are not after 24/7 live feed. but lets say 11 till 1 at night would be ok for us to at least get our own opinion on housemates .

  3. I think your blog is a cool idea, it is something I too enjoy doing.

  4. Regardless of product placement dollars Nick, it wont have an audience with the current configuration. I have watched them all and it was Live Feed that made BB different and interesting. I doubt very much that the measly portion of extremely edited action doled out by Jeff Ford et al will give us any actual involvement and the show is doomed. That FB charade of advert infested clips about nothing at all are not enough to involve me and others. The youthful spotty audience they are apparently after will not stay even if they do arrive. They have made a massive mistake and they are not big enough to admit and rectify it. Farewell BB.

  5. I agree with Jasmine's comments Nick, Big Brother needs live feed to make the show viewable. Channel 5's high lights shows are poorly edited and are not enough. Jeff Ford refuses to listen to what the Big Brother fans want, ultimately the show is suffering.