Friday, 16 September 2011

Eviction Night.

Wednesday night's show made me think Harry is indeed slightly odd. Like two school boys, Mark and Harry were up for a bit of, 'If I you show you mine, will you show me yours'.
Luckily we were not treated to this spectacle, as Harry bottled it. Although, poor Harry being up for eviction for liking fox hunting. Tashie was an obvious choice for eviction along with Aaron as even as a viewer she is just plain annoying and arrogant and he hasn't joined in at all.

However the nominations were all very close - normally in the first week the boys vote for the girls and vice versa but this time there only a couple of votes in it. Big Brother history of a girl always leaving first would indicate that Tashie is going home - good news is she can go and see her new best friend Pammie in Malibu... However as this is now a vote to save, I think Harry is in equal danger for the chop tonight.

There are lots of questions on social networking and fan sites about the lack of live feed, how young contestants the contestants are and whether or not the Big Brother boss, a man called Jeff Ford, at Channel 5 has got this one right.

In respect of the contestants, yes, perhaps they are a bit young, and I would not have cast Alex and Harry as they look uncomfortable and awkward with cameras 24/7. However the rest are well cast and the potential for conflict is high which always makes for good watching.

The live feed issue is one in which I can see both sides of the argument and I could discuss the merits of both, but not on this occasion.

What I would change is that I would have a half an hour main show at 9pm and then have an extended one hour highlights at 11pm. This would make it very slicker.

It may be worth thinking about that Big Brother on 5 is just suited to the celebrity version as this would be more in keeping with the Desmond brands. Why not have two celeb BB shows a year, in between The X-Factor and I'm a Celeb Get Me out of Here. This would then be a runaway ratings success.

One last point, does anyone think that Mark is a plant?


  1. Jeff Ford has got one thing wrong, for sure, and that is his tone in his press releases. They are verging on doing a Ratner, taking the piss out of people wanting a live feed.

    Mark is up to something, but I don't think he's a plant. Just can't imagine that being kept a secret, surely it'd leak out somewhere.

  2. Damn you auto correct, should that not read " does anyone think that mark is a plank!" However, after saying that, he is entertaining, hey, to coin a phrase *coughs, its only a game show. Who wins, you decide.

  3. Live feed for most of us is the single BIG Issue Nick. We may have suspicions about the reasons behind it, but we could discuss that after we have sat down and watched Live Feed. I agree that Jeff Ford's arrogance has the ring of Ratner about it.
    The harrying of pro Live Feeders by FB at the behest of CH5 smacks of social cleansing. Regardless of what was in place for BB1, Live Feed was the single thing that created Big Brother and removing it in such a cavalier fashion for reasons which are suspected but not confirmed has destroyed what we had. The deterioration of the Live Feed coverage on Ch4 in later series was as a direct result of Ch4 carrying out its policy of reducing risk (of legal action against themselves) and of preserving content for possible use in the daily shows. That was their fault, not ours.
    So if you can fit in a piece about the pros and cons of live feed before the show is pulled after the audience evaporates please do so Nick.
    I shall continue to discuss LF in other places as a matter of urgency, because without it it is difficult to see the show surviving.