Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Monday Tuesday Happy Days

Monday night on Big Brother was a mix of weird conversations, great game playing, much posturing, and a 'Baywatch running' task that was won by Maisy - this gave her the unfair advantage of being exempt from being nominated, otherwise she surely would have been. Bizarrely others were eliminated for having 'floppy arms' or for 'not taking it seriously enough'. Was Maisy chosen as the winner by Big Brother deliberately to keep her pretty little face in for another week?

Pamela picked up two new stalkers: in the form of big-headed misfit Tashie and Anton who is truly deluded if thinks he stands any chance with Pamela.

Heaven is a mad as bunch of frogs in a nice way and reminds me somewhat of Makosi. Jay reminds me of the janitor on the Alan Partridge show. Alex seems very uncomfortable with the whole experience, but it is early doors. So early in fact that the stripper-come-do-gooder-come-man-hater Rebeckah is inexplicably the first person to jump into bed with a man...

Aaron decided to wear a face mask and we saw little of Aden, Mark, Tom or Faye, but I do believe they are still in the show.

Tuesday night sees a lot of sexual tension in the house and Alex imitating a chicken is the first time she has come alive. Oh well, better than nothing.

I feel a bit sorry for Aden, who has since day one said he likes Rebeckah, being brushed off by her in the morning - he needs to make sure he doesn't come across as a love sick puppy though.

The so-called 'wolf pack' is just a way of a few of the housemates in Harry's words 'trying to create a bit of drama'. Bit juvenile but there are hours to kill in that house and it can get boring.

Aaron and Harry are like outsiders looking in on the Big Brother house. We are watching them and they are watching everyone else. Not a good tactic though as they will alienate themselves from the other housemates and then will be at risk of being nominated by the others.

Rebeckah made a huge mistake choosing Aden to lose his golden swimsuit for two reasons. Firstly Aden is her 'specia'l friend and secondly her only other competition in the house is Maisy so tactically she should have chosen her. It is with some irony that the three golden swimsuits are the three people that would have been up for eviction: Rebeckah, Heaven and Maisy.

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