Saturday, 10 September 2011

The New Housemates 24 hours on.

Too much reality TV this week, not something I ever thought I would say.

First off on Saturday night was Strictly Come Dancing, where the celebs were rather obviously paired off with the dancers who were either the right height (see tallest girl dancer with 6ft6in Audley) or the right status (see Brendan with Lulu) - this was all obviously pre-arranged ie the celebs and dancers knew, but us the viewers were supposed to be duped into believing it was a kind of lottery. I predict loveable Jason Donovan to win and clumsy-footed Audley Harrison to be out first.

The X Factor was more like the Gary and Kelly show, but the usual sad stories and obvious twists still made entertaining viewing. Just when are Tulisa and Louis going to shine? Is Louis had enough do we think?

I can't blog today and not mention Big Brother - 24 hours in and it is great a touch to have the 'milf' Pamela Anderson on the show. I always hate the first couple of days as there are just too many people to get to know (14 this year) and too much noise. However having the name checks on screen is very helpful.

The bitching already has started, which is slightly early and calling Pamela names has probably lost Rebekah the Spearmint Rhino dancer a fair few voters already - plus telling Aaron she has wee'd on a guy was a seriously bad move. First rule is always keep a low profile and do not boast in the first week and starting early friendships too early is a dangerous tactic. Arden for example is an ass boasting about how many girls he has slept with...

Here is the first exit poll (who is most popular) gained from what is said on millions of internet websites and kindly provided by data analyst extraordinaire Christian Howes.

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