Friday, 9 September 2011

The New Housemates: My First impressions

The 14 new housemates in the Big Brother house were chosen from 10,000 people who applied, but there are no Scots, Welsh, or Irish ones, none are disabled, no housemate is over thirty and I note no one is fat...

Mark 26, Salesman, quite normal, bit thick and slightly over friendly.
Maisie 19, Actress, not liked by the crowd, in the house for the wrong reasons, self-promoter.
Aaron 30, Arrogant, but well cast, will be good housemate.
Heaven 30, Model, dancer, healer, loopy.
Tom 20, Geeky, annoying, will do well.
Tashie 21, Actress/singer, might annoy others
Aden 19, Student. Normal young guy! Finalist.
Alex 18, Typical BB housemate! Girl next door but with hair extensions. Works at McDonalds.
Harry 23, Token posh boy, will be out fast! Has milkshake company
Rebeckah 28, Too good to be true, promises a lot (charity dance school), but will she deliver?
Anton 23, Cheeky likeable, maybe not as cocky as he likes to think.
Faye 23, Quite normal, well almost. The first to argue.
Jay 27, Token Geordie, loves his Mum, vote winner, plumber.
Louise 26, Another Model, dull.

Not bad casting, would have ditched the models and actors as too obvious. Think this series might be quite fiery.


  1. I cannot wait till they all bed in.

    Pun definitely intended.

    I assume C5 are going down the sex route

  2. I'm not impressed. After such a great season of Celebrity Big Brother, I was hoping for something special but it's a bit of an anti climax. Who needs more wannabes? I'd rather a house full of fun down to earth peeps - not these nutters!

    Great to see you blogging Nick!

  3. The trouble now is that we are all going to spend one hour a day until early December watching.

  4. Disappointing housemate. A very homogeneous selection. Where's the Daddy like Paddy!?