Tuesday 15 November 2011

Get Me Out of Here-Freddie!

I love I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! for two reasons. Firstly, I would never do it and secondly, we just want most of them brought down a peg or two, or one of them to be eaten. No not really, only joking. On the opening night I thought that if any of them had walked past me I would of not recognised them. By name maybe but by sight no way. Apart from Freddie - whom I met a long time ago and was kind and gave me good media advice. I never thought it possible but most celebrities are fairly thick. Just watch (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire or The Million Pound Drop and you will know what I mean) and before you start I have won The Weakest Link!

Jessica-Jane a model, asked Freddie: "Have you ever eaten a hamster" to which Freddie replies "No" - she then follows up with "Do you know anyone else who has eaten a hamster?" Brilliant second question in normal circumstances but the first question was rapaciously stupid.The other ridiculous question was over on ITV2, which annoyingly had 'nutritionist' and camp dweller from last year Gillian McKeith as a guest - what a waste of an air flight! Anyway in keeping with TV now having to have as many regional accents as possible the new presenter Laura Whitmore is Irish (she speaks at the same speed as a demented Gatling gun) and asked: "What camp would you prefer?" but as one is luxurious and the other is hell it is hardly a relevant or clever question.

I think Fatima a true Olympic hero, who resembles a cross between Barry Manilow and Uri Geller, is an early favourite along with the Rockstar who has either been edited out or has died on set. I do not believe Mark is that caring and I think he is acting, but good on him. I suspect he will be doing every task as the public want to punish him for his cheating antics on TOWIE. I think producers want Stefanie out first as the edit has made her look bitchy or perhaps her agent has put in the contract that she goes first.

Putting Freddie in the Jungle with heart issues was like sending a recovering sex addict to Las Vegas. Now he is out for good, the show has lost a strong character.

However Sinitta and Pat Sharp? Just too annoying!

Good start though with 11.5 million viewers - looks like ITV are King of the Jungle with this one

Aaron a worthy Winner? Not sure + the future of BB

I am not sure if Aaron is a worthy winner of Big Brother or not. What I do know is that he was desperate to be on the show (10 attempts) and he studied every episode and every character and every possibility.
So much so, that I saw a lot of me in him as he went around casting his spell on the other dimwits in the house. He is certainly weird, but he won, against all odds, although in one of my first blogs I did say he would reach the final.
I am surprised to see Jay finishing so high. After being kicked off the Katy Price show, he should not of even reached the second round of Big Brother auditions. I know exactly why he was kicked off and hopefully the press do too and that it all comes out soon like one of his smelly farts.
Alex was the real winner here, pleasant, attractive to a point, kind, caring, thoughtful, but not very bright. How she did not win, I am not sure.
The sad fact is the channel will think they have a huge success on their hands. Well they do to a point. But it could be better. This is my ten point plan of what I would do.
1) Give Emma Willis the main presenting job. Two reasons: greater publicity in magazines (women celebs sell more magazines) and she genuinely loves the show.
2) Brian Dowling to present BBBITS as this is a man whose ad libs are delivered well and BBBITS would showcase his talent for spontaneous banter and fun better than the tightly scripted main show.
3) BBBITS should have more involvement from the panel and dump some of the pointless sketches.
4) Have 12 contestants in the Big Brother house of all ages and at least one should be from Scotland as well.
5) Have an early twist like removing one contestant from the house immediately by face-to-face voting.
6) No more soft tasks
7) No more giving contestants booze and parties for no reason.
8) No outside contact whatsoever.
9) Greater punishments for rule breakers.
10) Bring back the Live feed!
It wont take much to make this show great once more.

Let us wait until January to see. But please no Lauren!!!

Friday 4 November 2011

The XFactor and Big Brothers Problems

I like the X Factor - well I did. I think this has been the worse series to date. Not only has the judging panel changed for the worse, the singing talent is not as good as it has been before.

I like Louis Wash, though he does make some half-baked decisions and quite a lot of the time he dresses his acts in a bizarre and pantomime-like way. He also knows his stuff hence my mixed feelings about him.

Gary Barlow is without doubt uber-talented as a musician and judge. Tulisa and Kelly are musicallyas well, but as judges, no. They fall very short.

The show has its faults as it is too long with too many adverts and the Sunday show should be combined with Saturday's.

I also think Dermot is not charismatic enough to present the show and has become complacent. Simon Cowell needs to come back tomorrow along with Cheryl Cole.

Big Brother suffers a similar problem. The show is not as good as it should be or could be. Sure the channel are happy with the ratings, but only because they aren't far off the higher ratings it used to obtain on Channel 4.

Why be content with average ratings when they could be so much better than they are today?

When you start to tinker with a popular format and try and make it your own, it never works and the viewers get bored and switch off.

The commonality between both shows is the fans will not put up being manipulated, short changed or taken for fools. Some TV executives, take the audience for fools. The huge tsunami that is social media means that it is very difficult to cheat or not to show or tmiss out important facts or events within these shows that are sometimes critical to the outcome of the show. The viewers know exactly what is wrong with both shows and it will take someone brave to put their hands up and say we have made a mistake, we will give the viewers what they want.

It is not going to happen soon, but until it does, viewers will continue to watch something as mundanely brilliant as Strictly Come Dancing.