Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Aaron a worthy Winner? Not sure + the future of BB

I am not sure if Aaron is a worthy winner of Big Brother or not. What I do know is that he was desperate to be on the show (10 attempts) and he studied every episode and every character and every possibility.
So much so, that I saw a lot of me in him as he went around casting his spell on the other dimwits in the house. He is certainly weird, but he won, against all odds, although in one of my first blogs I did say he would reach the final.
I am surprised to see Jay finishing so high. After being kicked off the Katy Price show, he should not of even reached the second round of Big Brother auditions. I know exactly why he was kicked off and hopefully the press do too and that it all comes out soon like one of his smelly farts.
Alex was the real winner here, pleasant, attractive to a point, kind, caring, thoughtful, but not very bright. How she did not win, I am not sure.
The sad fact is the channel will think they have a huge success on their hands. Well they do to a point. But it could be better. This is my ten point plan of what I would do.
1) Give Emma Willis the main presenting job. Two reasons: greater publicity in magazines (women celebs sell more magazines) and she genuinely loves the show.
2) Brian Dowling to present BBBITS as this is a man whose ad libs are delivered well and BBBITS would showcase his talent for spontaneous banter and fun better than the tightly scripted main show.
3) BBBITS should have more involvement from the panel and dump some of the pointless sketches.
4) Have 12 contestants in the Big Brother house of all ages and at least one should be from Scotland as well.
5) Have an early twist like removing one contestant from the house immediately by face-to-face voting.
6) No more soft tasks
7) No more giving contestants booze and parties for no reason.
8) No outside contact whatsoever.
9) Greater punishments for rule breakers.
10) Bring back the Live feed!
It wont take much to make this show great once more.

Let us wait until January to see. But please no Lauren!!!


  1. Alex didn't win as people saw the video of her saying she had done Zoo mag, she was pretending to be sweet little innocent Alex, which she wasn't, she short changed a blind lady for goodness sake, a worthy winner...not

  2. Aaron only actually attempted to get on 4 times. And BB is a popular show. Many people i know have watched it from it's incarnation you can't accuse him of 'studying' just because he happened to see them all. I think most BB fans are savvy to what people want to see. Yet in the house Aaron often went against what people wanted to see by sulking and saying things/doing things that he must have known would be unpopular outside.
    Also MiniMe is right. Alex whilst a nice enough girl was just as fake and fameseeking as the rest of them.
    Totally agree with your ten point plan. Although i would rather have a main presenter able to reign in the crowd. There was respect for Davina and i don't know who else might be able to command the respect like she did. The levels of booing this year not just in the final have been horrible to see and not fair at all!

  3. It is not often I agree with the word "fix" but I genuinly believe that Aaron winning was a total carve up. He was hated, the crowd booing is usually a good indication and the bookies are rarely wrong on these things. The majority of people voting would not pick up on Alex being in Zoo, and the fiddling a blind person.
    All in all I quite enjoyed the show this year, too many rewards though. It would be a real shame to see BB disapear without a trace, bring back the chickens!

  4. aaron was the top of all polls as fave to win at approx 70% in now way was his winning a fix!! thankgod jay didnt win after all his episodes regarding poo and also he was pretty intimidating with his stomps and threats. alex was a fame seeker and should have been upfront about her glamour modelling, louise was even a contender for winner lol and tom, well he was nice, funny, bitchy but dodnt make big impact. aaron was fave to win from the 2/3 week so well done to aaron - a genuine nice guy!!

  5. I think Alex didn't win because most of the GBP are no longer satisfied with dumb Barbie types winning. It may also have something to do with the fact that many forums saw, not just the you tube videos, but also the Geordie Ultimate Buzz forum BB thread which made them all think a bit about there being no smoke without fire maybe ? Aaron was top of all the forum polls, just because the chavvy crowd booed him doesn't mean that he had no support, I think his support consisted of older people that prefer to see more complex characters.

  6. Glad Aaron won. Someone that displayed intelligence whilst in the house, rather than the look dumb winners we've had in the recent past.

    Not sure if he did "study" as people are making out, and a previous winner, Brian Belo, certainly had boxes of VHS tapes of previous series. So not sure why this is leveled at Aaron, other than Anton's nonsensical accusations.

    Even gladder that Jay didn't win. Some of his behaviour in the house was just not pleasant. And just the stuff that was shown.

    Pretty much agree with the list of proposed changes. Though can't see 5 happening in a CBB series. And 10 is pretty much a must, as without it I don't think BB really stands up against other reality TV shows, particularly Survivor.

    They need to also sort their content out. Using Facebook (where registration is required to see any content), Twitter, YouTube, and their own skimpy little web site to provide the extra content was bad. DS forum fortunately had the WHATM thread to kind of manage where everything was in one location.

  7. Yup I think Aaron winning definatley had a lot to do with him being a little older and wiser than the other HM's. Channel 5 aimed this series at the 'younger' audience but forgot about all of us viewers who have been around to see the last 10 yrs of BB (Aaron included). I'm over the moon he won and hope that this gives channel 5 a greater insight into the kind of HM the British public want.
    Oh and I like all of your points - especially the importance of the LF.

  8. Bad grammar Bateman. 2nd para: should not of... Should read: should not HAVE. Surprised at that lapse. Lol.
    So what did jay do on KP?

  9. It had nothing to do with Jay having a criminal record...who cares about criminal records at Endemol!!!!
    The real reason was Katie Price and the information she has on Endemol. The deal was to back Katie off picking a contestant for her show. This previously potential contestant is well known to Endemol and has been for a number of years. Endemol knew about Jay(NOT THE CONTESTANT I SPEAK OF) auditioning for Geordie Shore where the THE GUILTY AS CHARGED SHIRLEY JONES (FORMER EXEC PRODUCER OF BIG BROTHER)shared information AMONGST MANY OTHER THINGS! In other words I will give you Jay then take him back in time for big brother and up some bullshit excuse about releasing him because they found out his record! hahahahah
    Let's just say this mystery contestant will heavily feature in the hacking revelations. Katie price knew this. She was also lied to heavily.

    All will be revealed...

  10. i thought this year was one of the best shows ever (and ive never missed an episode of any series!)i agree that brian needs to ditch the script though and the running of the live show audiences needs to be taken out of the hands of applause store who just treat you like cattle (exact opposite of how you are treated at bit on the side which is brilliantly managed .