Friday, 4 November 2011

The XFactor and Big Brothers Problems

I like the X Factor - well I did. I think this has been the worse series to date. Not only has the judging panel changed for the worse, the singing talent is not as good as it has been before.

I like Louis Wash, though he does make some half-baked decisions and quite a lot of the time he dresses his acts in a bizarre and pantomime-like way. He also knows his stuff hence my mixed feelings about him.

Gary Barlow is without doubt uber-talented as a musician and judge. Tulisa and Kelly are musicallyas well, but as judges, no. They fall very short.

The show has its faults as it is too long with too many adverts and the Sunday show should be combined with Saturday's.

I also think Dermot is not charismatic enough to present the show and has become complacent. Simon Cowell needs to come back tomorrow along with Cheryl Cole.

Big Brother suffers a similar problem. The show is not as good as it should be or could be. Sure the channel are happy with the ratings, but only because they aren't far off the higher ratings it used to obtain on Channel 4.

Why be content with average ratings when they could be so much better than they are today?

When you start to tinker with a popular format and try and make it your own, it never works and the viewers get bored and switch off.

The commonality between both shows is the fans will not put up being manipulated, short changed or taken for fools. Some TV executives, take the audience for fools. The huge tsunami that is social media means that it is very difficult to cheat or not to show or tmiss out important facts or events within these shows that are sometimes critical to the outcome of the show. The viewers know exactly what is wrong with both shows and it will take someone brave to put their hands up and say we have made a mistake, we will give the viewers what they want.

It is not going to happen soon, but until it does, viewers will continue to watch something as mundanely brilliant as Strictly Come Dancing.


  1. I don't watch strictly or the x factor but do agree about BB. You only need to look at the forums to see the fans are outraged and know they are being manipulated.


  2. Once again and brilliant blog!! You always manage to get it spot on, without being venomous and malicious. I really enjoy your comments, so thanks for sharing Nick xx