Friday, 28 October 2011

Tonights Cynical Eviction

It seems absurd there is an eviction tonight, especially when one of the original possible evictees walked out of the house in a cowardly fashion - Jem has now left four housemates up for tonight's eviction (Aaron, Faye, Jay, Harry) and three of them do not deserve it as it is only as a result of her actions.

In contrast, in the latest mind-bogglingly-dumb betting task BB helped Alex at the last moment by cajoling her to eat on one more chocolate - so she passed and the house completed and won another pointless task. This then rewarded them with yet more booze.

I would have expected them to use the same logic on Jem explaining to her that there are only two days to go and that she should stay. I thought she was awful, selfish, did not live up to her promises, and ruined her sisters week. The house is better off without her and she would have gone anyway, but that is not the point.

I do believe the evictions should have been cancelled this week and along with the diehard BB fans I think this is more a cynical manipulation to try and bring in revenue at the cost of integrity of the show.

Somebody is going tonight that should not. Sadly that person is going to be Harry. Well done Jem!

Do comment as I like to read your opinions.



  1. Also, all the writing and talking of nominations has got on my tits. You know how they should be treated :)

  2. The very fact that they got family/partners to vote in the noms this week is wrong. How can they make a decision on who goes based on one hour of BB every day ? The HMs nominate by living there, seeing others for who they are not what Channel 5 want us to know about HMs.

  3. Aaron & Harry are my faves :( bb hasnt been very fair to the housemates this year they shouldnt mess with noms but I want jay to go out of those 4 hes quite borin tbh! x

  4. I personally hope that Faye goes, maybe as some sort of bizaar payback for her sisters actions.
    Can not see Jay going he has far too strong female following. Reckon Aaron is a gonner though.

  5. Thanks for the blog Nick, you've been great reading this series. Not sure I agree with Paul above, I think it would be terribly sad for Faye if she is made to further suffer because of her sister's selfishness. Anyway, will be looking out for your tweets later!

  6. I cannot understand why Jem walked. She would have guarenteed her sister another week in the house if she had waited til today.

    Aaron does seem a bit of a disadvantage, everyone that voted to save him against Jem on Facebook, are having varying degrees of difficulty getting their credits back. Be interesting to see if there is anyone complaining they didn't get their refund and a chance to recast before the voting closes tonight.

    Kind of gutted these 4 are up, but if I had to chose it'd be Jay going tonight.