Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Anton the Snake

Unless Jay puts the contents of his morning visit to the loo, allegedly, in the fridge again and this time the edit actually shows it then Anton will be the first male to be evicted from the house. It is sad because at first his alter ego in the diary room was mildly amusing, (like Harry ordering all those banana's) but as Anton has failed to deliver in front of his housemates he is a coward first and snake second. He is going to get a huge shock to his over-inflated ego when he is booed to buggery on Friday night!

Although Jem (Faye's sister) might make good television she is equally unlikeable, if for not for ruining her sisters enjoyment in the house. However the house is a better place for her as it would have been duller than BB4 if she was not there

Once ex-housemate Rebekah entered the house for a date with Tom in last night's show I had to go and lie down in darkened room and scream. Her agent has probably and correctly diagnosed that the only hope for her t make any money (apart from appearing on various late night Sky channels) is to try and make her relationship with Aden work. The poor boy, he will in time look back and kick himself at his youthful naivety.

As for the relationship between Jay and Louise, at least Louise had the foresight to end this. Now let us see if Jem moves in on Jay. They deserve each other.

Do let me know your thoughts.



  1. I agree Anton will go and that's a bit of a shame cos I really quite like his dairy room antic's. I always love the evil ones best, they make BB but everyone votes them out first and we get left with the safe bet...Yawn

  2. I don't think that Anton WILL go tbh, unless the Aron and Faye fans throw Aden a few votes too then I can see it being Aden going as some will vote to keep Anton because he's a gameplayer. Personally I'd rather Anton went as it might throw the house on its head with all sorts of different dynamics available then. I can see Jem causing all sorts of trouble too, so I doubt Anton would be much missed. He's just a poor man's Victor, but he's not nearly as likeable as Victor.

  3. So it seems Maisy has filled in some of the details of the Jay and freezer incident.


    Anton is toast. Completely outplayed his own ability to stay.

    Gemma is a odd one, seems she is rather envious or jealous of her sister. No wonder that Faye has insecurities.

  4. "he is booed to buggery on Friday night"

    Sounds like the selection process for Public school larks after lights out Nick LOL

    I agree though. He is a feeble copy of others who have passed that way before. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo