Thursday 7 June 2012

Please no more models!

In the year 2000 you could buy a pint for £2, you could also open and close a train door by yourself and if you so pleased also stick your head out of the window of a fast moving train. Facebook and Twitter did not exist and of course Big Brother One hit the screens. Ten normal people (no models, no actors) entered the house; normal people would continue to enter the house for the next few series until the wannabes arrived.
A lot of contestants have had the 'Big Brother experience' since 2000 and I have managed to meet most of them. In every basket there is of course a rotten apple, but by and large most if not all are good people, models or not.

Perhaps Big Brother got tired, but in the end rather than sending Big Brother to a hospice to die gracefully it went to Channel 5, although I still feel that the last series of Big Brother on Channel 4 had some of the funniest and best tasks to date. 

I'm not sure it sits as well on Channel 5 at this time.
But  apart from throwing money at the problem, 5 need to listen to their audience. Channel 5's first non-celebrity Big Brother was largely forgettable as the casting featured too many young people.  This year they have partially listened and yes there are a few people over the age of 30 and there is a Scottish person - whoopiee!
However having five fashion/glamour models is not great. If I wanted to see a model I would go to a fashion show and as for the two porn stars - again if I wanted to watch them I would disengage the security on my Sky Box and watch some of the more interesting channels...

A fundamental point of the show is to have a good cross-section of people, not a cross-section of wannabes who would sell their story for three Curly Wurly's, a bag of lemon bonbons and one fun-sized Milky Way. On the face of it they all look OK-ish but reading their biog's,I want to sit in a darkened room and scream. 

If Big Brother just wants to just appeal to the readers of the Daily Star so be it. But not everyone who reads the Daily Star watches Big Brother. I am sure having a few models for some people is good eye candy but if you cast properly you can get better looking and more intelligent model-types than they have. Also by picking the most ridiculous posh person Big Brother stereotypically again is telling us all posh people look like horses and all models are vacuous.

The so-called twist was good but could have been better. Why not throw some out on the first night? Why wait three days to throw them out and then replace them with a wildcard. Pointless! Depending on how good the tasks are we might end up with a great show. 

But when it comes to the cast, as all Big Brother fans know, any boast in their video's prior to entering the house must be taken with a pinch of salt. How about next year no models, and the Live Feed!


  1. Nick I could not agree more, I actual think you and Slick Vick could put on an AMAZING show to appeal to all viewers.
    I wish channel 5 would listen, particularly someone like you who is clearly a huge fan of the format and knows what needs to be done.
    I myself am 16 from Northern Ireland and I do feel I could put on a better show than Jeff Ford and the channel 5 gang.

    Nice post and looking forward to more.
    Didn't realize you blogged about BB.

  2. STOP WITH THE CHANGES! The whole point of Big Brother is NO CONTACT WITH THE OUTSIDE WORLD! Obviously, Channel 5 have no idea what that is about. Labelling the products is a fundamental part of the show. They need to just hire Phil Edgar Jones and everyone from the Channel 4 series back, including DAVINA & DANIEL EATOCK! Bring back the evict vote! Change the outdoor set, it makes it look tacky and enclosed, whereas with Channel 4′s outdoor sets, it opened up the place loads! They have gotten rid of the security, the fence and the black stairs and replaced it with a giant screen, a tacky giant eye design and a stupid SPIRAL STAIRCASE! Change the eye design back to Eatock’s designs, they were iconic! I don’t know whom work’s in the In-House team for designing the eyes, but they are not iconic, they just look like a 2 year old’s scribble! They need to bring back Davina McCall! As much as I love Brian Dowling, his hosting skills are not that good! It just sounds like he is reading in a primary school assembly. I am scared that with all the changes, they will in the end change the theme song. They need to not at the end of launch night show a crappy VT, but cut to the house, especially after live nominations! Also, if the housemates have name badges on, you don’t have to show the housemates names on screen! That really annoys me! Just send the show back to Channel 4!

  3. I totally agree and yes the main thing that's wrong with the channel 5 version is the vote to save! Clearly this is their way of making more money but it ruins the most crucial part of big brother! There's no way Aaron would have won last year if it wasn't for this.